Boy Scouts!

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WP_20140817_09_26_14_ProThis weekend a whole group of Boy Scouts took over Messiah Mountain, and apparently had a blast!


Springtime in the Rockies

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StellerJayThe wet spring snows have given way to soft showers and sunshine, and the birds are flocking back to the mountains from their winter vacations.

New Blanket of Snow

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The Pineapple Express has blown moisture from Hawaii to our mountains, which have turned it into snow.

Snow at Messiah Mountain

Now teaming with Catch It In Time!

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From their blog:

Catch It In Time is a cancer awareness campaign focusing on providing information on all three steps of disease–prevention, diagnosis, and treatment–as well as new treatment options, such as the da Vinci robot, and available resources for both the patient and their loved ones.

Watch for links to stories and events from Catch it in Time on our Home Page, coming very soon! Or view now at their website: